YouTuber Tim's Beach Engagement

Sunny days forever and ever

When Tim, a successful YouTuber, decided to ask Lauren to marry him on the beach of the Outer Banks, North Carolina, he invited me to film the moments just after.  I knew I had to make the trip and document this momentous event in their love story.

YouTuber Tims Beach Engagement Lauren so happy
YouTuber Tims Beach Engagement watching the waves

Love on Film

Although they met in graduate school for physical therapy, their relationship has soared far beyond career interests into one mutual respect and unconditional love. 

YouTuber Tim’s beach engagement video melted our hearts with that kiss!

YouTuber Tim’s beach engagement video was created in the summer of 2019. Traveling to this beautiful location was almost like a dream. You couldn’t have asked for better weather, and North Carolina’s coast offers that yummy subtropical climate. I also think The Outer Banks provided the most glorious light! No wonder The Wright brothers’ first flight took place there. It is stunning, and you feel like you are on the edge of the world.  I think Tim is a genius for choosing this romantic location to propose to Lauren. They brought incredible energy to their engagement, which would seem like every couple would, but their enthusiasm was extraordinary. They also completely ignored me, which was great because I wanted to capture the purest essence of their engagement. It can be daunting sometimes to have a camera around and focusing only on you. Try to forget anyone is there if you can, but I do have a subtle way of filming that I am proud of because nearly all of my shots are entirely natural. I am proud to know that this engagement video was well received. Tim and Lauren were pleased with the result, and I cannot wait for their wedding!