Wedding Videography Services

My Approach

My approached is based on the idea that I have gotten to learn about what and who you consider important. I’m not “winging-it”. Through planning and coordination with the wedding vendor team, I capture special moments with friends and family while also providing gentle cues during your portrait session.

My clients

My clients value , above all, the connections with friends and family members they hold dearest as well as the history and the moments they’ve shared. They are hard working folks in support of others, and they want to remember this day forever.

Part of creating a wedding video that is very personal to you begins the moment we make contact. On our first consultation I will begin to learn about you and your fiancé and your story as a couple. Once we have booked and secured my services, we will begin scheduling 2-3 Zoom/ FaceTime sessions (20-25min) where we can discuss the plans/ timeline for the day. I will offer advice while also learning about who some of your key friends and family members are. We’ll also discuss any important details present on the day i.e. sentimental locations, heirloom jewelry, special speeches or dances etc. Finally, 30 days from your wedding date, I’ll be sending you a questionnaire detailing all the specifics of the day. I want to have a clear picture of you as a couple as well as the game plan for the day.

On the day of your wedding, dressed in attire matching your guests, I generally like to arrive a little bit earlier than my designated start time to get familiar with the venue/ staff as well as introduce myself to the guests of honor (you and your fiancé), wedding party and parents. We’ll chat a bit and try to get everyone a bit more comfortable. At this point, I’ll begin capturing your day. It’s important to remember that I’ll spending about 90% of my day near you and your fiancé, so it’s important that we vibe. While I’m filming, my approach is to capture details and organic moments as they happen, but also, at times, giving a little direction and prompting. I’ll be working very closely with your photographer as we’ll be pretty much on the same page for the entire day. During the reception, I’ll be coordinating with the vendor team to keep us on schedule as we prepare for big moments in the evening that will make your wedding a night to remember…well, you won’t have to remember, you’ll have it on film!!!

Approximately 8 weeks after the event, I will email you a link to private gallery where you can view your film(s), share them, or download them to your devices.

Lifestyle Film Guidelines

The ideal location is at your home or anywhere that is special to your family (i.e., a local park, weekly trip to the farmer’s market, or anywhere that is your comfort place). Shooting works best either early morning or late afternoon, as that is the most ideal for lighting. If we’re shooting outside, the perfect time is right before sunset. Sessions typically last for about 3 hours, and the atmosphere is down to earth, relaxed, and real. There is no need to perform or stage any scenarios. The more real and raw, the better! We are creating art from your honest moments. 

Once we confirm your booking, I will email you a questionnaire to help me get to know you, learn about the dynamic of your family, and understand what you would like to get from our session. This is important because I am seeking to capture as many real connections between each family member as possible, so the more I get to know you, the better! One week before the shoot, we will schedule a phone chat to discuss a bit more about how the session will work, and answer any other questions you may have.

Upon my arrival at your home for the first session, I’ll ask you to introduce me to your family and take a quick tour of your home. We’ll chat a bit, and once everyone begins to feel comfortable, I will start filming. You can go about whatever it is you would typically do—play, dance, cuddle, read a book, feed your child. The best moments happen organically and usually, take no lead from me, but I will offer some slight guidance if necessary. Pretend I’m a fly on the wall, as you interact with your family totally and entirely just being yourselves. I’ll shoot the video as well as candid photos during the session.

Approximately 6 weeks after our filming session, I will be sending you a link to download your film(s). I will also send a link to a gallery of still images, photos from our video shoot.