Wedding Films that Capture
You and the Day, as you really are. 


Someone who understands your vibe as a couple. Someone who can connect with you and make you feel comfortable in their presence (with a camera). Someone to capture the candid joy filled moments that reflect your relationship and celebration. 

No big film productions here. No directors trying to make a name for themselves. I'm here to film your day in a way that represents you and your people in an authentic way. 

Meaningful connections are the most meaningful things in life. 

I use a short series of interviews to learn about you as a couple, as well as the important people in your life. 

I want to personally connect with you

I film your wedding the way it happened, candid moments as well as the big ones. Your wedding film should reflect you and your community.

Natural Approach

I remain inconspicuous, in my approach and in my choice of attire. My goal is to allow you and your guests to enjoy the wedding you planned.  

Small Footprint

In 20 years, you when you look back on this day, I want you to experience it just as it was. The day your worlds collided with friends, food, fun and family. 

This is what you want to look back on!

After the wedding, I get to work reviewing all your footage and putting together the best parts of the day to create a film that displays a day of meaningful experiences and connections with those you care about most. 

Creating the film


On the wedding day, using a client /guest centered non-instrusive approach to blend in with your event, I go about seeking moments both small and large throughout the day. I provide professionalism, cooperation and small footprint. 

Filming Your Day

I actually spend time learning about you as a couple. I'm picking up cues about your relationship, your hobbies...your lives. I'm also finding out about your loved one and the plans you've made for the big day. 

Months before the big day


Here's how it works...

"We are so happy to have worked with Jason at Hudson Filmr for our wedding videography! He really takes the time to get to know you as a couple prior to the big day, to understand what is important to you and what you anticipate will be the most meaningful components of your day, so he does not miss a thing!"
—Avery & Elijah

“Jason was absolutely amazing in every capacity as our wedding videographer. From the very beginning, Juan and I felt very comfortable with him. ”
—Jenny & Juan

I interview you in the months before the wedding. This allows me to gather information about you and your event. This helps me create a beautiful and unique film that captures the mood and the people you hold dear.

Personal Zoom Calls

I keep my footprint small and blend in so you and your guests can experience the wedding day fun the way you planned it...without intrusion. 

Low Key Profile

Making you and you party feel comfortable enough to be yourselves throughout the day. No large studio strangers creeping around. Just an easygoing, high EQ presence filming your wedding in an organic not too posed way. 

A warm familiar guide throughout the wedding process.

  • Full ceremony films allow you to see and hear every moment, every vow and relive that first kiss and walk down the isle
  • Full toasts films really bring you back to the evening you were showered with beautiful words by those closest to you. Never forget that tear jerker speech or the joke that brought the house down. 
  • Documentary films are for those that want to see everything they couldn't. With 60-90 minutes of footage, you're sure to get a full account of the day.
  • Raw Footage gives a full perspective on the entire day as you're able to see everything our cameras recorded. 

Special Add-on Edits

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Natural Unscripted Wedding Films for Modern Couples.