About Me

Hi i'm jay,
so glad you stopped by!

 I specialize in creating uniquely romantic wedding films that visually tell the story of your day while connecting with you personally. 

I believe that in order to make an amazing and meaningful wedding film, we have to know each other. Hey there! I’m Jay, born and raised in New York and still a New Yorker. My passion for video goes back for years. I love weddings and work best with couples who allow me to learn their story and feel their vibe. 

When I’m not working with couples or crafting films, I’m helping families and teachers to understand children with disabilities.  Spending time, listening, and getting to know people is a massive part of my life.



My ultimate goal when working with couples is to create a warm, caring and professional experience that leads to a genuine and heartfelt wedding film that connects with you as a couple.

Caitlin and Matt
"It was clear from the moment we started filming that Jason is very talented and familiar with this line of work. Actually getting to replay those important moments is so special and getting to relive them takes you right back into the emotions of it all. I can not recommend Jason enough."
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Brittany and Jesse
"I cannot tell you how many times I have watched the video that Jay made. It never gets old. There's something about having it on film that really helps transport us back to that day and all of the excitement we felt during our elopement."
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Jasmin and Anthony
"Jay was a delight because we never felt intruded upon which is not what we could say about the photographer! Though we were extremely happy with both. The wedding video we received in the end is beautiful. He made my husband and I look a bit like movie stars. My mom was so happy she cried. Jay was also on time which helped my nerves!"
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82 E Euclid St, Valley Stream, NY 11580, United States
Call 718 635-1397