A warm and collaborative presence before, during and after the wedding day.


The power of the spoken word. When my client recently told me that his uncle was very close to him and  had been struggling with a life threatening illness, I took extra special care to record his toast with the highest quality and feature him in the wedding film. 
As someone with a strong background in the field of psychology, I know that connections with both your inner circle and the outer circle play a huge role in your development and have supported and facilitated your relationship with your fiancĂ© the entire time. It's this kind of knowledge, along with knowing you, that allows me to make a meaningful wedding film that reflects you as a couple and the day with you will have with all your people. Want to know more about how my background impacts your experience the wedding day?   

For me, its all about empathy and being a good human first

Not A Typical Wedding Videographer

When my wife and I got married, our photographer and videographer were nice guys. But they didn't really understand us or what was important to us.

Also, around that time we were attending a ton of our friends' weddings and noticed we often couldn't see the couple because our view was blocked by photo-video teams.

When I started my business over five years ago,  I didn't want my clients (or their guests) to feel the same thing. My 5+ experience and professionalism play into all the decisions made during the wedding process. 

Experienced & Professional 

"Jason seamlessly blended into the background, capturing every precious moment without being intrusive while also working with the photography team."
-Meaghan & Mike

I'm very close to my people, I understand the need to be connected with your community, and have them share in the celebration of your big day. 

As someone who has an advanced degree in psychology, I bring with me a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over career working with adults, families and children.  My intuition allows me to anticipate and recognize big moments and small throughout my day with you and your family. My warm personality and training helps me to have conversations with your guests as well as work smoothly with other vendors.   

Emotional Intelligence

"You're videographer should be someone who makes you feel comfortable on one of the most important days of your life."

While creating beautiful natural wedding films is what I do, one of the things I do best is developing and maintaining a good relationship with my clients through the wedding planning process and day of. While others send questionnaires only, I conduct a short series of video meetings to learn about and understand you, your lives together and your connections with your community. This process allows you to feel comfortable, seen and understood  on the wedding day. It also allows me to know what (and who) to look for during the day. 


Keeping a low profile and blending in with your guests is how I'm able to capture natural and candid interaction without drawing negative or uncomfortable attention. No big asks of your wedding party or family to do something unusual.  I want to capture your wedding with as little interference as possible. My goal is to blend in with my attire and behaviors. Sometimes, guests have unknowingly asked me how I know the couple. 

Small Foot Print, No Big Productions

While there are a few particular vendor I'll be interacting with closely (photographer, DJ, planner) my aim is to work together with all of the vendors on the big day. When we pool our our efforts, you receive an amazing wedding day experience. 

Collaboration and Cooperation

A few personal things to know about me.

Poppy is our pandemic rescue puppy. She's a greyhound mix and the most cuddly dog ever. We can't get enough of her.

Fun Fact


Huge fan of the outdoors. I'm into hiking, the beach, surfing and baseball. Of course I bring my camera on all of my adventures. 

Fun Fact


I love how music connects with the wedding day and the couple. So, I begin the creative process by listening to wedding music on my drive home.  

Fun Fact

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